Crochet on the Clock

{January 18, 2007}   Recently Completed

Owl (for my b/f’s mom)


Hook Case

Hook Case completed


{January 14, 2007}   WIPs




 Granny Scarf

Hook Case

Hook Case

{January 12, 2007}   So, a little about me

I work, crochet, swing dance (lindy hop), and work out. I just got internet at my house, finally…now I just need to get a working computer. My b/f has a mac laptop and a dell laptop, so between the two I should be ok until I get a new destop in a few weeks…I figure I’ll get it around my birthday (Feb 7th for those who care).

Check out my new dance shoes…I got them at they’re aris allens and I finally had the cash flow to get them in the color I wanted.

aris allens

{January 12, 2007}   1st post, yay!!!

Ok, this is my first REAL blog…ooo, i almost feel like a real girl now…this blog is for my own amusement at work and will probably be the place where I talk about my crochet and other random musing while on the clock.

et cetera