Crochet on the Clock

{February 3, 2007}   Lindy Hop in Phoenix, AZ

Aside from crochet, I love to swing dance (lindy hop, balboa, shag, charleston, and west coast too….). Here are some links to what is going on in the Phoenix scene.


BadAZ Bal

Kat's Korner

{January 28, 2007}   Me!

In case anyone is wondering what I look like, I thought I would post my favorite pic of myself and my very good friend Chris (formerly “boy Chris” now “firefighter Chris”). This is also, by the way, how I got the nickname “Girl Kris”…it kinda just stuck.

Kris and Chris

Here is Kris and Chris swing dancing (lindy hop) at Kat’s Korner. Did I mention I love this picture???

{January 12, 2007}   So, a little about me

I work, crochet, swing dance (lindy hop), and work out. I just got internet at my house, finally…now I just need to get a working computer. My b/f has a mac laptop and a dell laptop, so between the two I should be ok until I get a new destop in a few weeks…I figure I’ll get it around my birthday (Feb 7th for those who care).

Check out my new dance shoes…I got them at¬†they’re aris allens and I finally had the cash flow to get them in the color I wanted.

aris allens

et cetera