Crochet on the Clock

{February 11, 2007}   Crochet madness!

Here are more FO’s (finished objects)…


They are now available at my store:
Crochet on the Clock

{February 7, 2007}   New hats

I completed these this weekend:
Girlie FedoraVizor
They are now available at my store:
Crochet on the Clock

{February 7, 2007}   Resistance is futile

Here are the new Papillon puppies in a rare moment of peace:

{February 4, 2007}   Ami Heart

Here it is, a pic of the finished Ami-tomical Heart…I hope everyone enjoys the pattern as much as I enjoyed writing it!

ami heart

{February 3, 2007}   Lindy Hop in Phoenix, AZ

Aside from crochet, I love to swing dance (lindy hop, balboa, shag, charleston, and west coast too….). Here are some links to what is going on in the Phoenix scene.


BadAZ Bal

Kat's Korner

{January 29, 2007}   Stash time

Ok, here’s the pics of my stash…and a WIP update too…



{January 28, 2007}   Me!

In case anyone is wondering what I look like, I thought I would post my favorite pic of myself and my very good friend Chris (formerly “boy Chris” now “firefighter Chris”). This is also, by the way, how I got the nickname “Girl Kris”…it kinda just stuck.

Kris and Chris

Here is Kris and Chris swing dancing (lindy hop) at Kat’s Korner. Did I mention I love this picture???

{January 28, 2007}   Done!

I finished the amigurumi heart today, but I can’t take a picture yet because my phone died! I usually use my phone to take a quick shot of whatever I’m working on and then I send the pic to photobucket (I love that you can just text a picture to your account directly from the phone…). Anyway, I’ll charge my phone after work and have a pic of the finished item as well as pics of my newly orgainized yarn stash!

 Also, I am taking a cue from Tara at Do Your Worsted with the “ten day turnaround”, hence the newly orgainized stash…

Well, I’m working on my Valentine’s Day offering. I wanted to give my boyfriend something Valentine’s-y and crocheted for the big day, but I didn’t want it to be too girlie or frilly. I remembered seeing an anatomically correct crocheted heart somewhere online, but the one I found at
Chez Michelle’s blog was way too cutsey for my purposes (although an awesome pattern in my opinion). Anyway, I ended up  making my own pattern, I should finish the actual object today or tomorrow and will then post some pix.

Heart WIP 
This pattern is on my sidebar for free until Valentine’s Day…

{January 20, 2007}   Blah…

Deeds of the day:

1. Made my blog button

2. Added blogs to blogroll (I hope I didn’t offend anyone by using their buttons, I did my best to check first tho).

3. Didn’t crochet yet…oops…

et cetera